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My first Rajma(Kidney beans) with Roti …..

August 10, 2017

In my pre-school they serve lunch and breakfast and they say that I eat roti with curry but Mumma does not beleive them as I never eat roti with curry at home .So Mumma prefers to cook some paratha filled with any vegetable so that I can have indirectly….Today when I have been down with diarrhea since 3 days…Mumma tried all the possible food on me but to her surprise I asked her for my food in my school lunch box ..She thought I am asking to just have another game with me..So she gave only half paratha and then I asked for the curry in the curry compartment in the lunch box…It was Rajma in the lunch today so she gave me few beans of it and she was really surprised that I was actually having it and finished with demand for half more chapati………….

So mumma thinks that I am growing now …

From → Diary : Anishka

  1. My daughter was just the same deepmala. Even I use to make paratha for her with whatever vegetables were cooked at home. Surprisingly she picked up a lot from school like paneer, bhindi…. things which she initially rejected at home

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