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Enjoying all the festivities in India!

September 29, 2017

None of the month goes without a festival celebration in India ..sometimes there are 2 and more festivals here in the same month….Like this month of September 2017 had 2 mega festivals celebrated at mass level by hindu community.Ganesh Puja followed by Durga Puja..Not to forget that last month August was Janmastami was celebrated followed by the Independence day on August 16th.

Yesterday I went for kanya/Kanchak Pooja and got lot of attention as all the aunties washed my feet and applied colors with swastik sign on my feet later I got lots of chocolates and sweets with gifts and money..I also got Bindi as one of the gifts and could not stop pointing at mumma that “You can also use it”.

Mumma clicked few moments for the “kanchak” Puja on the “day of Ashtami” during Navratri Puja ‘2017.people showered their love from the bottom of their heart.It was pleasure being a part of such an adorable occasion.Jai mata di!

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