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Surprised Mumma and Papa by writing Numbers

October 4, 2017

I like coloring and drawing so much that I make sure that I am not escaping even a single day writing on the wall the bed wherever I like it to write..As there are so many restrictions from mumma and Papa except the notebook ,color book and whiteboard…I love to color and write everywhere except these places .Writing on wall has become my passion now a days..This passion of mine has become so famous that whoever comes to my house have a color book and crayon as gift for me which makes me more happy than anything else.My passion was famous because of one of my snaps taken during my mausi’s wedding where I am holding the color book in one of my hands :).Mumma is not able to find the pic now she will post it as soon as she gets it 🙂

Last week on the ninth day of Durga Puja I surprised mumma by writing the number’s 5 and 8 .She is happy and planning to make different exercise books for me .As it used to be during her childhood separate exercise books for English,Hindi and maths.I believe she is inspired by her childhood days when Nanu used to made her practice the alphabets and numbers on separate books 🙂


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