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Google cloud

May 15, 2018

Mumma said I am going to work now….My immediate question was “Are you going to work on Google cloud?” and to my belief she said yes which followed my immediate question what a google cloud is Mumma? (As I heard them (Mom and dad) discussing about google cloud while their discussion about the work)…Mumma replied in her technical words but my concern was more about whether  Google cloud have games or not…The moment Mumma said “yes”… I  was on cloud nine as I am more concerned about my video games which I get to play on Dad’s I-pad making him happy by following some of his instructions and rule he makes to keep me controlled :).

I was very keen to share this with Dad and waiting for his call to share this good news with him as he was travelling for his work.The next moment I heard talking Mumma to Dad I snatched the phone from Mumma to tell him…Dad do you know Google cloud has got games too..will you let me play those games with me next time on your I-Pad ?

Dad is still trying to find out where did this come from 🙂 ?


From → Diary : Anishka

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