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My First Story reading.

Finally I can read the stories on my own and make mamma happy. Mamma was overwhelmed and took a snapshot of my story read from the book”365 story books”.

So here is the first story I read completely on my own.

Back after a Break!

Mamma has been so busy..Had stopped writing altogether.Some how her Boss who writes lots of Hindi poems inspired her to come back to the blog.Hope to see lot many write ups to freshen me up in future.

Google cloud

Mumma said I am going to work now….My immediate question was “Are you going to work on Google cloud?” and to my belief she said yes which followed my immediate question what a google cloud is Mumma? (As I heard them (Mom and dad) discussing about google cloud while their discussion about the work)…Mumma replied in her technical words but my concern was more about whether  Google cloud have games or not…The moment Mumma said “yes”… I  was on cloud nine as I am more concerned about my video games which I get to play on Dad’s I-pad making him happy by following some of his instructions and rule he makes to keep me controlled :).

I was very keen to share this with Dad and waiting for his call to share this good news with him as he was travelling for his work.The next moment I heard talking Mumma to Dad I snatched the phone from Mumma to tell him…Dad do you know Google cloud has got games too..will you let me play those games with me next time on your I-Pad ?

Dad is still trying to find out where did this come from 🙂 ?


My Timing with correlating Bollywood songs

“Kuch Rang pyaar ka aise bhi” this is a series on one of Indian hindi channels..I listen to it while Mumma is surfing TV… yes …She does not watch those long extra melodious,over charade series’s but she keeps surfing for one to get and stick to..She has hardly been successful till date as after a day or two each series has the same repeating shots,over and under interlocutory scripts..So in between she had been switching from a Bollywood movies to songs to series..I grabbed some of them in my mind to use on some heavy and light occasions to add a contrast to the surrounding..

So the other day when I was not ready to come back with Papa and Mumma while coming back from Nanaji’s place..Papa asked me that” Aashi do you not love Papa and Mumma ?: …My answer was melodious and surprising to them..I just hummed the song “Kuch rang pyaar ke aaise bhi……Kuch rang pyaar ke aaise bhi”…They were surprised as usual but then they thought it must be a coincidence as she is so naive to understand the meaning of the song and they took it easy …..The following morning when Dadaji was complimenting Papa for his black glasses they could not stop themselves stopping their conversation as I already started humming “Kala chashma jachda hai jachda hai tere mukhade pe”..then again Papa Mumma were looking at each other with a confirmation of this not been a coincident and I understand and correlate the songs ….It’s not a mere coincidence..

Yes I can Chant “OM”

I can chant “Om” to my maximum effort.Just watch it..

Me being responsible!

It is the day of Diwali and we are celebrating it in Patna …All most all the buildings have been decorated with flickering colors..I am amazed by this special celebration of lights…While walking down Mumma and papa see that the hanging lights are not coming down till our flat …why so? They say have you not paid the society charges Papa(to Dadaji)? That’s why they have not hanged the glittering lights till our flat?

Later on ..while coming back by car after shopping and looking at the building  lightened but our flat deprived of the lights… this Idea crosses my mind…Mumma I want to cut my piggy bank..Mumma ask’s curiously why Aashi? Why do you want to cut your Piggy Bank???I reply innocently… we can give the money to uncle so that he hangs the lights in our flat  too………

Mumma and Papa are bewildered looking at each other How come I started talking so responsibly…

My first conversation of being responsible flattered them..

Surprised Mumma and Papa by writing Numbers

I like coloring and drawing so much that I make sure that I am not escaping even a single day writing on the wall the bed wherever I like it to write..As there are so many restrictions from mumma and Papa except the notebook ,color book and whiteboard…I love to color and write everywhere except these places .Writing on wall has become my passion now a days..This passion of mine has become so famous that whoever comes to my house have a color book and crayon as gift for me which makes me more happy than anything else.My passion was famous because of one of my snaps taken during my mausi’s wedding where I am holding the color book in one of my hands :).Mumma is not able to find the pic now she will post it as soon as she gets it 🙂

Last week on the ninth day of Durga Puja I surprised mumma by writing the number’s 5 and 8 .She is happy and planning to make different exercise books for me .As it used to be during her childhood separate exercise books for English,Hindi and maths.I believe she is inspired by her childhood days when Nanu used to made her practice the alphabets and numbers on separate books 🙂


Enjoying all the festivities in India!

None of the month goes without a festival celebration in India ..sometimes there are 2 and more festivals here in the same month….Like this month of September 2017 had 2 mega festivals celebrated at mass level by hindu community.Ganesh Puja followed by Durga Puja..Not to forget that last month August was Janmastami was celebrated followed by the Independence day on August 16th.

Yesterday I went for kanya/Kanchak Pooja and got lot of attention as all the aunties washed my feet and applied colors with swastik sign on my feet later I got lots of chocolates and sweets with gifts and money..I also got Bindi as one of the gifts and could not stop pointing at mumma that “You can also use it”.

Mumma clicked few moments for the “kanchak” Puja on the “day of Ashtami” during Navratri Puja ‘2017.people showered their love from the bottom of their heart.It was pleasure being a part of such an adorable occasion.Jai mata di!

Started helping Mom in chores!

I have started going to JR. KG in “The learning curve”..teacher teaches me few new things everyday that adds in my behaviour and helping me evolving as a good daughter to my parents…Earlier when mumma use to make the bed I would start rolling with pillows and make all my effort to make her work the same work multiple times……

Today was another surprise day for Mumma when she was making the bed I helped her in tucking the bed-sheet under the mattress and later handing over the same pillow (which use to be my favouratest toy while mumma was making bed) to Mumma to change the pillow cover…….

Helping mumma in beliving “Life is full of surprises”

Golden words

I sneezed and said ‘excuse me’ mumma but then I continued ….Mumma teacher taught me’golden words’  and out of curiosity muma asked is ‘Excuse me’ one of those words? My reply was ‘yes’ and mumma is touched….Made her to update the blog though she is late by a week..As they say Better late than never